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Welcome to the website of Keyboard World the UK's first interactive On-Line magazine for the home keyboard enthusiast.

The magazine is totally interactive and will feature videos, audio clips and podcast embedded in the pages. We promise at least 45 mins of general tuition video content in each issue.

It will be published Bi-monthly and we will also be bringing you a good selection of free webinars on the months in-between issues.


Keyboard World incorporates our sister company Keyboard Academy, the new concept in Keyboard Tuition for the Home Enthusiast. We offer a wide range of new downloadable music material as well as video content to help you move to the next level with your playing skills.


Our sole aim is to help you get the maximum pleasure from your hobby....and always remember the hobby is playing the music...not just playing with technology!  

We are producing e books and videos that are easy to follow yet will encourage you to take the next steps with your playing.



NEXT LIVE SESSION.  Join Paul & Andy 'Live' on YouTube on Tuesday 30th April at 2.30 GMT. They will be looking at the world of sequencing and showing you how to create a simple Multi-Track arrangement.

Click the image to the left to join the party! Please feel free to ask questions whilst they are on air.

Coming Soon.......

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