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At Keyboard Academy, we strive to help the home player grow as a musician.


Our combination of our unique downloadable music books and personalised lessons allows for a comprehensive and fun learning experience.

Our e books are primarily aimed at players with some playing experience, not total beginners.

This collection will serve as the perfect tool for you to learn new aspects of keyboard playing.For example, throughout the series of books, we will be introducing you to new chords, new timing elements, maybe new key signatures and overall many new ways to enhance and colour your music.

The contents go beyond the usual repertoire found in keyboard books. They contain a diverse selection of original songs, allowing you to explore different genres and broaden your musical horizons.

Another unique aspect of our offering is the optional MP3 full performance and Minus one play along tracks.(please check your instrument can play MP3 files)

The full performance will guide you on how the piece should sound and the Minus One track allows you to play along with the 'Band'

Our team of experts will provide you with all the advice, help, and support you need. We understand the importance of personalised lessons to ensure a players success. To this end, we offer one-on-one online lessons tailored to the specific needs and abilities of each individual. 

By focusing on the specific needs of each person, instructors can design personalised lessons that target areas for improvement, allowing you to enhance your skills in a faster and more efficient way. 

As well as our online lessons, we provide additional resources such as videos via our YouTube channel to aid your progress. 

Performance Books

Tuition Books

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Free Stuff

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Play Like the Pro's Books

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Keyboard World Magazine

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