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This performance book is available as a download of pdf files to use with a tablet device such as an iPad or to print copies as required.

8 Original songs by Andy Carvill.

Optional MP3 files available with complete performance and minus one playalong tracks for each song. 


Contents and Composers Notes

1.  Gentle Waves

This song is a very slow 3/4 waltz time piece which has a slightly dream-like atmosphere.   Expression plays a role here, with a gentle opening section which builds in the middle section with a fuller registration.

2.  May Each Day

This song is in 6/8 time signature which is a compound time.  This means you can count the timing in two different ways, either 1-2-3-4-5-6 or just the strong beats that fall on the 1 and 4 beats of the 6/8 pattern.  There is a hint of the James Last style within this song.

3.  Mediterranean Nights

This is a sultry Latin American piece reflecting the balmy evenings on holiday in the Med.  There is a timing issue to be aware of and that is the triplets that feature in the right hand melody.

4.  Passing Moments

This is a very traditional Ballroom Waltz which does feature some more challenging chords.  The middle section has an 'implied' key change to Eb so there are a good number of written accidentals to watch out for.

5.  Samba Dance

This is a bright, up-tempo Samba which does feature some challenging right hand runs in places.  Because of this the MP3 options will really help with timing and 'feel' of the piece.

6.  See It In Your Eyes

This is a very gentle pop ballad that needs to be played with emotion and expression.  The slower tempo does give you an opportunity to practice registration changes within the song.

7.  Swing Along

This medium tempo Big Band number does feature a number of registration changes.  While these are not absolutely essential, getting the changes in the right place will really enhance your performance.

8.  This Is True

This is another gentle pop ballad which features more advanced left hand chords and more chord changes.  We would always recommend practising both hands independently before putting them both together and this is very important with this song.

Don't forget the optional MP3s (Full Performance and Minus 1) which will help tremendously to both get to know each piece and help with the timing.Please make sure your instrument plays MP3 files before ordering.


Enjoy your music making!


Originals Vol.1

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