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The first thing to say is if this is a new topic to you we would highly recommend that you first take a look at Book 1. The first book covers all the foundation information you need to know and this book is about applying that information to create more advanced chords. Having that foundation information in place would be very useful.


As a very brief review in Book 1 we covered:

– How tones and semitones work

– How to work out every major scale from which all chords are formed

– The basics of Chord Inversions

– The formula to work out the basic major and minor triad chords in every key


In this book we will move on to four note chords and even touch on some 5 note chords. We will also cover some of the more unusual chords such as Diminished, Augmented and Suspended chords. However, first we are going to cover some chords that are not only really difficult but maybe impossible to play on an arranger keyboard.

Chord Construction Part 2

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