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Enjoy our Originals Vol.3 book with accompanying MP3 files


This performance book is available as a download of pdf files to use with a tablet device such as an iPad or to print copies as required.

8 Original songs by Andy Carvill.

MP3 backing tracks also available.


1.  A Cup Of Cha-Cha

This Latin American song has a very strong Cha-Cha feel and is written in the key of F major where all the B's are flats.  However there are several instances where a natural sign appears and cancels out that flat plus there are a number of accidentals through the piece.  Something to watch out for!

2.  A Pint Of Schlager

Schlager is a very upbeat style of music which is popular across Europe.  It has a strong rhythmic style and usually a simple melody line.  This piece is pretty easy to play except there are a lot of right hand double notes which will require some practice.  If they prove too difficult just play the top note of the double notes which is where the melody is situated.

3.  Heaven's Gate

This slow pop ballad requires a lot of expression and feeling.  It is written with 2 sharps, actually in the key of B minor, the relative minor of D major.  However, there are a lot of additional accidentals in the middle section to watch out for.

4.  Now And Then

This song is written in 12/8 time which is a relatively rare time signature.  This is a compound time signature which means you can count it in two ways, either the full 1 > 12 beats or to split the bar into 4 strong beats like this:

1-2-3  4-5-6  7-8-9  10-11-12

5.  Now That You're Here

This is a slow Big Band Ballad in the style of Glen Miller.  One point to watch out for is the triplets written in the right hand.  Try and play these as smoothly and evenly as possible.

6.  One Love In My Life

This is a slow romantic ballad that needs expression and emotion added through your performance.  Watch out for the key change at the end of the piece which goes up a semitone from G major to Ab major.  There is also a recommendation to play the final section of the song an octave higher.

7.  The Penguins Foxtrot

This is a bouncy, novelty piece inspired by the film 'Happy Feet'.  The song is in the key of Eb but the middle section has an 'implied' key change to G major, so there are lots of accidentals in the middle section.  But it is not as difficult to play as it looks!

8.  The Tulip Fields

This is an up tempo Waltz rhythm and the tempo is probably the biggest challenge with this song.  There are some double notes in the middle section.  As usual if these prove to difficult play only the top note which is where the melody is situated.

We would always recommend the optional MP's 3 which a full performance to help you understand how each song goes and a minus 1 version where you can practice the right hand while the orchestra plays around you.  Please note - your keyboard needs to have the ability to play MP3 files.


Originals Vol.3 with MP3 files

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