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This performance book is available as a download of pdf files to use with a tablet device such as an iPad or to print copies as required.  Featuring some of the most popular Classical Music of all time all arranged in a more 'up to date' way using rhythm styles. We have our optional 'performance' and 'minus 1' MP3's to further enhance your playing. 


1.  Jupiter from the Planets Suite

One of the most popular pieces of music taken from Holst's Planet Suite, this is also known as 'I Vow To Thee My Country'.  This has been arranged using a 3/4 style, is in the key of Eb and the chords come quickly.  The MP3 files will be most useful with this song!

2.  The Can Can

This is arranged in a bright bouncy 2 beat swing rhythm - commonly known as an 'oom pah, oom pah' rhythm.  The tempo is the biggest challenge here - so start slowly and speed up as your confidence grows.

3.  Ave Maria

There are several pieces of music with this title but this is probably the most famous and most beautiful.  The tempo is very slow so inject as much expression as possible.  Watch out for the diminished chords.

4.  The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves

This song is in a Viennese Waltz style with very much a feeling of an Andre Rieu style arrangement.  There are some double notes in the right hand but as always if these prove too difficult play the top note only, that's the melody.

5.  Melody In F

You may not know the title but you will know the tune.  Arranged into a gentle Bossa Nova this song features a number of double notes in the right hand.  As always if these prove too difficult just play the top note which is the melody.

6.  Hungarian Dance No5

This is an almost Disco arrangement of this famous piece by Brahms.  In the main this is pretty straight forward but again the test is getting this up to the required tempo.  But start slowly and increase the tempo as your confidence increases.

7.  New World Symphony

This well-known piece will be recognised by many here in the UK as it was used for many years to advertise a well-known brand of bread.  Nothing too tricky here but this arrangement is in 4/4 time rather than the more usual 3/4 time.

8.  Ronda Alla Turca

This piece is all about the right hand and from a practice point of view focus on that hand, slowly to begin with.  You will need to watch your fingering and hand positions in particular.  The arrangement is more of a pop feel, but that will come later, the right hand is the priority.  The MP3s will be very useful with this piece.

We would always recommend the optional MP3s which offer a full performance to help you get used to how the piece sounds and there is a minus 1 option which allows you to focus on the right hand while the orchestra plays around you.  Please note - your keyboard needs to be able to play MP3s to take advantage of this feature.

Popular Classics

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