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This particular book will introduce you to the world of Arranging and we hope it will help to spark your musical imagination by making you think more about creating an arrangement rather than simply playing a piece.


One of the main differences between a professional player and the home hobby player will often be the construction of the performance and not just the notes and the chords played.


With this in mind we will consider some basic techniques to elevate your music into ‘an arrangement’.


Arrangements do not have to be difficult or complex it could just be choosing the perfect sound and using it in the correct way. It could be selecting a different style to alter the overall feel of a piece.


Every song you hear on TV or radio will have been ‘arranged’ - it is a very common practice.


In this book we have given you some practical music examples such as playing your own Intros - which immediately turns your performance into an arrangement.

A Guide to Arranging Part 1

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