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Music is made up of several different components that all come together to make a great performance. However, when we are talking about keyboard instruments (Arranger Keyboards, Organs, Pianos and even Harpsichord) there are three vital components that are the foundations that any player must master. Those three are:

1. Melody – you have to play the tune accurately.

2. Harmony – this supports the melody and includes bass.

3. Timing – this is the 'glue' that sticks everything together and is also vital to make a melody and indeed the whole song to work properly.


Timing is a vital and integral part of music but is often the weak link in the home players performance. Over the years I have taught many students on organ, piano and keyboard and timing is on of the most regular problems for most people learning to play. Timing is particularly vital on an Arranger Keyboard when the accompaniment styles are being used, which tends to be most of the time.


This Book 1 of a 3 book series covers all the basics you need to know to better understand timing and it's importance.

It's all about the Timing Book 1

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