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Enjoy our Originals Vol.2 book complete with MP3 files


This performance book is available as a download of pdf files to use with a tablet device such as an iPad or to print copies as required.

8 Original songs by Andy Carvill.


MP3 backing tracks also available.


Contents and Composers Notes

1.  Manhattan Swing

This song is in a more up-tempo 'jazzy' number copying the sounds of a small Jazz Combo.   The phrasing and feel of the melody is important and best played using a more 'syncopated' style.  There is a short (written) improvised section.  By its nature improvisation should be 'made up in real time' but this written out section may at least give you some ideas!  Again the MP3's would be very useful to help guide you.

2.  Over Easy

This is another medium tempo Big Band piece.  Once again there is a (written) improvisation section that may help you with a view to creating your own improv.

Again a more syncopated feel in the melody will help push the piece along.

3.  Missing

A very slow and emotional ballad that needs as much expression as you can inject into your performance.  There is a chord that may well be new to you - Bm7-5 which is explained in the book.

4.  Precinct 13

This is a medium tempo pop (but slightly funky) song that features some left hand 'slash' chords.  These chords feature a different bass note - for example C/E means C chord, but E bass.

5.  Siberian Winter

As the title suggests this song has a 'Russian' atmosphere.  There is a tricky, finger twisting introduction and ending.  It's not as difficult as it first looks - just running down inversions of two chords, but if it proves too difficult just play the left hand chords.

6.  The House By The Sea

This 3/4 waltz features some right hand double notes in the introduction and at various points through the song.  If these prove too difficult, just play the top note of the written chord.

7.  The Irish Pirates

This song is an up-tempo Irish Jig style piece that will need some careful practice with the right hand.   The right hand is free (and fast) flowing with very few places to take a breather.  The MP3s are highly recommended with the Performance MP3 showing you how the piece goes and the Minus 1 version allowing you to practise the flowing right hand on its own.

8.  Waltzing the Blues

This slow 'jazzy' waltz has a Blues sound but doesn't follow any particular Blues pattern at all. There are a couple of interesting left hand chords, Gm7-5 and Abmaj7, both of which are explained in the book.

We would recommend the supporting MP3s which will both allow you to hear a full performance of each song as written and the Minus 1 version allows you to practise the melody with the orchestra happening all around you. Please make sure your instrument can play MP3 files before ordering.

Enjoy your music making!

Originals Vol.2 with MP3 files

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