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We are proud to announce the release of an exclusive software package, compiled by, none other than Mr Korg himself, Pete Shaw. 


This groundbreaking software is tailor-made for the Korg Pa5x keyboard, providing an abundance of fresh, professional sounds and will without doubt transform the way you interact with your Pa5x


Pete has compiled a collection that includes 11 distinct Set Libraries, each of them brimming with 48 brand new, expertly crafted Keyboard Set Registrations. This generous offering translates into an impressive total of 528 new settings, ensuring that all Pa5x owners can explore a vast spectrum of professionally crafted sounds, styles, and musical genres.


The 11 Set Libraries are:


Symphony Orchestra

Pops Orchestra

Organ Extravaganza

Ballroom Dance

Pop Classics

Instrumental Classics

Solo Voices


Band & Dance Band

World and Xmas

60’s & 70’s


Over 400 man hours have gone into the production of this software Users can look forward to a user-friendly installation process and a straightforward interface that allows them to access and manipulate the new sounds effortlessly.


Voice Edits, Effects, Style editing, New Styles, Volume balancing as all been taken care of so all you need to do is select and play!


We believe that this collection will prove invaluable to all Korg Pa5x owners as it will give instant access to registrations of ‘concert’ quality without the hard work.

The Ultimate Pa5x Software

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